Springs Nutritional Therapy

Erin Dutton, BA, NTC

I’m the wife of one fantastic husband, and mom to four amazing boys! My journey into the world of health and nutrition began in high school when I took a health class and learned the difference between junk food and nutritious food. While not overweight, my main focus at the time was achieving a lean physique that would conform to the culture’s idea of beauty. Later on, I took another class on healthy eating and cooking at our local community college.  Unfortunately, this was during the emerging era of low-fat everything.  I jumped on that bandwagon and lived that way for many years. 

When I became a mom, my focus shifted to feeding my family healthy food. My own mom loved food and cooking and I inherited her passion! I took an even deeper dive into nutrition when I began to suspect that one of our son’s behavior problems could be linked to his diet. We put him on the Feingold diet which eliminated food additives and within days, we noticed a huge difference in him!  We were astounded that food could impact behavior so dramatically.  

Over time, I began to suffer my own health challenges including GERD, hormonal imbalances, and gallbladder disease.  Doctors put me on medications, and told me I’d be on them the rest of my life. When I began experiencing even more digestive problems, I saw several different gastroenterologists that were unable to help other than diagnosing me with IBS and prescribing drugs.  The amazing thing is, no doctor ever once asked me about diet or lifestyle! I started doing my own research, adjusted my diet, adding in healthy fats, and focusing on real, nutrient dense (and delicious!) foods. Slowly my body began to heal, and now I’m no longer on any medications and feel healthier than ever. I also maintain a healthy weight while eating amazingly delicious food!

My own health journey and long-time interest in food and nutrition led me to want to help others learn how to achieve and maintain health through food.  I enrolled with the Nutritional Therapy Association and became a Nutrition Therapy Consultant.  I now enjoy working with clients both in person and virtually, and find helping them achieve their health goals immensely satisfying!