Take Back Your Health


Do you suffer from fatigue, sugar cravings, and/or a need for caffeine to get through the day?

Do you want to have more energy to enjoy your family and the activities you love, but not sure what you need or where to start?

Are you a busy parent, wanting to feed your family nutritious food but find it too confusing to sift through the media hype of what is healthy and what is not?

Are you suffering symptoms that traditional doctors want to treat with pharmaceuticals, but wondering if there isn’t a better, more natural way that gets at the root of the problem?

Do you have a chronic condition that would benefit from nutritional support?

Do you have a child that has behavior issues which could be a result of inadequate nutrition?

 If you said yes to any of these questions, nutritional therapy can help!  

Nutritional Therapy aims to identify nutritional deficiencies and system imbalances, and help strengthen them through proper diet, supplements and lifestyle changes. By supporting the foundations of health, we can balance and heal the body. I am available to assist you with weight and fat loss goals, digestive health, blood sugar regulation, anti-inflammatory and autoimmune management, and reaching optimal wellness with respect to your bio-individuality. Food is not just a source of fuel, but actual information that our bodies require to run properly.  When we deny the body this information, many symptoms can result.

My nutritional philosophy is rooted in the idea that true and lasting health starts with a nutrient dense, whole food diet. In our modern world, we have gotten away from real food, consuming largely processed, industrialized, hyper-palatable “food”.  We are also bombarded with food propaganda and an overwhelming amount of conflicting dietary recommendations. This can make us just want to give up on eating healthy!  But the long-term consequences of this can lead to a reduced quality of life as we succumb to effects of such a diet.  

Eating healthy is not as hard as it may seem once you are armed with the right information and a plan.  And eating healthy does not mean kale salad three times a day!  I can teach you how to made nutrient dense, real food that you and your family will love and look forward to at every meal.

How does Nutritional Therapy work?

Many of us have been programmed to believe that disease and sickness are inevitable, as are the accompanying pills and tablets prescribed to alleviate their symptoms. I believe in beginning with a simpler approach, by addressing and supporting key foundations to support the body’s ability to heal itself:

·    Digestion

·    Sugar-handling

·    Fatty Acid Metabolism

·    Mineral Balance

·    Hydration

I focus on health care that emphasizes education and wellness coaching. I believe in a science based, yet holistic, approach to supporting my clients. When we provide our bodies with nourishment, and support health with appropriate lifestyle changes, we are able to tap into the body’s God-given ability to restore balance and achieve optimal health.  I believe that a healthy diet doesn’t need to be “over the top” or extreme to be effective. It just needs to work for you. I focus on understanding your unique health history, unique metabolism, and individual nutritional needs.