I can help you assess your or your child’s nutritional needs and come up with a plan to support the foundations of good health: proper digestion, blood sugar regulation, hydration, mineral balance, and optimal fatty acid metabolism.  Addressing these five foundations of health can be life changing! 

I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation to help us both determine if working with me would be a good fit for you.

If we decide to move forward, I offer several options:

Nutrition and Lifestyle Assessment $125

You will fill out a medical health history, complete a comprehensive online health and lifestyle questionnaire, and keep a food and mood journal for 3 days.  After submitting these to me, I will analyze this information and determine some initial recommendations.  We will then meet in person if you’re local, or virtually if at a distance, to go over your results.  I will provide you with a symptom burden analysis graph, will conduct some functional evaluations to assess mineral status, and present my recommendations.  We will then work collaboratively to develop a nutrition and lifestyle plan to meet your personal health goals.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Support Package $250

This package includes the Nutrition and Lifestyle Assessment as listed above, along with a 3 month period of coaching and support.  You will be able to ask questions via email, receive weekly tips, encouragement, and recipes from me, and receive three 45 minute long follow-up sessions to monitor progress and make any necessary adjustments.

Family Nutrition Package $300 

This package includes the Nutrition and Lifestyle Assessment as listed above for one member of the family. I will also meet with the primary cook/ grocery shopper of the family to assess the family’s nutritional needs, and develop a strategy for meal planning and prep.  I teach how to make nutrient-dense real food that the family will love, how to shop within a budget, and how be efficient in the kitchen.


To schedule your free 15-minute phone consultation, click here.